Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Return of Text Based Gaming

About 30 years ago games like Zork and Enchanter existed. These were text based single player games much like the first Monkey Islands. From those games spawned something called Multi-User dimensions  or MUDs. These were the precursors to MMO’s of today and are probably still just as much fun if not more then the average WoW instance.

One of the biggest draw backs to text based gaming is a lack of immediate satisfaction. More often then not a players first experience is had on a telnet connection which tends to be crap. However, recently guys have designed something called Fmud or Flash MUD. A easy lightweight webclient that allows people to connect to MUDs with ease. With this new, clean, and simple client out there for free it is possible to start trying to bring players back to text based gaming!

That being said, I’d like to invite anyone who enjoys a great story and some character development to come try out The Sea of Storms. We are a Wheel of Time themed MUD with a lot of friendly players and staff waiting to introduce you to the fun of text based gaming

The Sea of Storms MUD - Play Now
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The Sea of Storms MUD – Wiki

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