Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Story from the Old Days

***Disclaimer: This is mostly story with a little commentary.***
Yesterday there was supposed to be a devblog but clearly there was not! Instead we will be talking about the old days and when I say old days I mean like eight years back. So, long, long ago in the before time, there was Jeshin and he was new. He was a mute and a channeler. Perhaps that’s not the most unique first character, but I was new.

I originally joined the Sea of Storms in my freshman year of high school, probably back in 2000 or 2001 and, to be completely honest, I also joined the Sea of Storms because of a forum role-playing board called… Actually I can’t even remember anymore. It was a Wheel of Time themed board and one of the staff members there said the concordance would be a good place to use as reference. When I saw it was part of a MUD website, I thought awesome and started to play.

I logged in and created a character by the name Jeshin. He was a mute, a channeler, a vagabond, and a perfect example of a newbie. My first months with Jeshin were probably some of the stuff that is commented on now. He was one of the only channelers to ever escape Nico, he channeled in the Hall of Servants, and was a general troublemaker.  The most outlandish of those is channeling in the Hall of Servants.

My first experiences on the MUD were meeting Nico, Alyn, Samiel, and Inzu. The last of which was probably a meeting that caused the Sea of Storms years of trouble. Me and Inzu hit it off fairly quickly. We both enjoyed role-playing and the Wheel of Time setting. When he first created he was a gleeman who ended up doing a few shows at the Feast of Lights. At the time Jeshin was a bartender at the Feast. He didn’t really need to speak and he occasionaly played cello in the place of real entertainment.

Shortly after Inzu was approved for his gaidin sset and became a member of the White Tower. Still, we had already had a strong friendship both in game and out of game. Surprisingly, Inzu joined the MUD to learn English. He was always a fairly good role-player.
So you have a gaidin and a male channeling bartender as the best of buds, you can imagine some shenanigans happened. Shenanigans such as Inzu and Alisa being directly responsible for me being able to get into the White Tower ICly and channel in the Hall of Servants, leaving something like 25 finger flames on the ground.

That experience, which was role-played, is probably one of the fondest memories I have. Even though it’s terrible, absurd, and completely something I’d be shocked to see today as an Immortal, it was awesome back then. Just to be totally clear, that was possibly the most absurd thing I’d ever seen on the Sea of Storms. Still, It was truly an experience and not a goal I had set.

I had really intended to include more story here. The more I write this, the more I find that in the last eight years the amount of stuff I could reminiscence about is staggering. So I’m going to tell you the point and, if you’d like to read more stories on the Devblog, post a comment on here asking for it.

The point of my story is: I was new once and made some of the mistakes the new players of today make. I met my best friend on this MUD and have continued to game with him even now. I will definitely go in depth into the shenanigans me and the infamous Inzu got into, if I do one of these again.

To quote something Inzu once said, “Once you forget it’s a game, you’ve won the Sea of Storms.” If more players tried to immerse themselves rather then game the system. Start treating it more like an experience then anything else. That’s when the Sea of Storms will become more fun then you can imagine.

- Jeshin


  1. Most people who read all the way through your post to my comment have lost The Game.

  2. I hate you and your GAME also more storyies and who is Nico???

    -10 points if you can guess who this is.

  3. I lost the game.

    Sounds like fun times.

  4. More stories please!!! I joined at the tail end of Nico's life, but she sounded pretty fierce.