Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Player Killers Soul

The truth about player killing is that, it’s good! You heard me, player killing is a good thing and is not only good, but a sign of a player who is playing their characters correctly. Now it’s time for the but part. Player killing is good, but when used improperly it is a break to immersion, a harm to the game, and basically a sign that the person who does it might be a huge jerk! I think today’s article will be interesting.

The first thing I’d like to explore is, why should someone player kill? Well, there are a few reasons as to why a character should kill another character. Notice I’m saying character and not player. This is because the first reason you should kill another character is because your character would, not because the player wants to. Another good reason is if they are a male channeler and you know this. Pretty much everyone in the Wheel of Time universe will either attempt to kill a male channeler or flee immediately. In all actuality, the best reason to player kill is if it’s something your character would do, makes sense in terms of a setting aspect, and progresses your story in a meaningful way.

The next logical topic would be when to player kill. The time to player kill is dependant upon two things. The most important of the two being, does killing this character have an extremely large negative repercussion if done now. The secondary concern is Does my character really care about this negative repercussion? If the answer to those two questions is no and no or yes and no then you have yourself the right moment to strike!

So, with those easy to remember and apply guidelines to player killing. We can now look at the metagame downside to player killing. For the most part a lot of players look down on player killing. This is probably because they believe that if you kill someone else’s character you may kill theirs. This is to be expected and hopefully overcome with time. When this happens you just need to continue to role-play your character the way you always have. Just remember that with time and patience most people will get over your player kill and move on, as long as you make sure it is 100% a character choice and not just a player one.

All seems pretty basic right? Make choices about player killing from your characters point of view, don’t worry if people get a little wary of you metagame wise, and keep to your guns regarding your characters actions. There are some some finer points to actually executing a clean kill, but those are for people who are brave enough to try a kill to learn.

Just always remember that role-play and story should be the thought that drives all your characters actions. Including the need or desire to kill another character. When you stop playing your character and start using them to satisfying players desires is normally when you’ve forgotten what makes the Sea of Storms great. It’s also probably when you’ll discover you’re a big fish in a small pond.


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